This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The reversioning video remix category describes clips, which have been transformed to create alternative versions of the original clip. In doing such clips often employ visual effects, audio filters as well as insertions and substitutions (especially faces). Perhaps the most obvious example of this are clips, which reuse a known film sequence through replacing faces of its actors with those of contemporary politicians, sports people or celebrities. In doing so the original intention of the clip is reversioned according to a contemporary issue or phenomenon. Alternatively, video filters and effects might be used to transform an original clip according to some other aesthetic - especially evident in examples of 'vaporwave' and 'Simpsonwave' clips.

Creator: Anonymous [The Late Show with Stephen Colbert]. (2018). Donald Trump Jr.s Bollywood Debut: The Dance Of The Greasy Son.

Creator: Anonymous []. (2018). David Davis: "Brexit Britain will not be a Mad Max dystopian world".

Creator: Anonymous [Dank Compilations]. (2018). Shooting Stars meme compilation.

Creator: Anonymous [Dark Jokes]. (2018). How you see Trump?.

Creator: Vaya Sinola (2018). Cage Will Survive (Face-Swapped Nicolas Cage).

The clip seems to have been created using a freely-available face-swapping technology called FakeApp (, which Reddit user 'deepfakes' somewhat infamously used to create fake porn images through using artificial intelligence/neural networks to composite celebrity faces over porn scenes (Nick Statt, 24 Janurary 2018, It seems in the case of this video cut-up that the creator has used a similar approach here to overlay Nicolas Cage's face over an amateur singing Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive'. (Perkins. S, 2018)
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