This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The reversioning video remix category describes clips, which have been transformed to create alternative versions of the original clip. In doing such clips often employ visual effects, audio filters as well as insertions and substitutions (especially faces). Perhaps the most obvious example of this are clips, which reuse a known film sequence through replacing faces of its actors with those of contemporary politicians, sports people or celebrities. In doing so the original intention of the clip is reversioned according to a contemporary issue or phenomenon. Alternatively, video filters and effects might be used to transform an original clip according to some other aesthetic - especially evident in examples of 'vaporwave' and 'Simpsonwave' clips.

Creator: Anonymous [Skullivan of the Sun]. (2016). Tax Plans.

Creator: Anonymous [Rapeable]. (2016). Inauguration of Fire: The Donald Rises.

This clip has been created by an AltRight organisation ( supposedly as a call-to-action for sympathisers. Its message however appears quite confused as its critique positions Donald Trump as a mafia boss, whose thugs are shown assassinating anyone that is prepared to stand up to him. Additionally, despite his inauguration promises Trump is clearly shown to be corrupt and deceitful - surely not qualities that anyone would want in a leader? (Perkins. S, 2018)

Creator: Anonymous [Waldin Studio]. (2016). Rogue One: A Star Wars Parody | Trump's Wall.

Creator: Anonymous [Master Brew]. (2016). Trident.

Despite beginning with what appears to be a playful critique of the lunacy of nuclear deterrence sadly (as evident in the concluding section of Prime Minster Theresa May), the clip is in fact a much less inspired love song to the UK's outdated and now largely irrelevant nuclear programme called Trident.

Creator: Anonymous [skalah]. (2016). are you sure about that.

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