This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The reversioning video remix category describes clips, which have been transformed to create alternative versions of the original clip. In doing such clips often employ visual effects, audio filters as well as insertions and substitutions (especially faces).

Perhaps the most obvious examples of this are clips, which use the 'vaporwave' and 'Simpsonwave' aesthetic (which in doing so nostalgically pay homage to early analogue VHS video, including glitching/artefacting, 8-bit colour graphics and lo-fi audio).

Reorderer: (Huw Parkinson) circa: 2017

Reorderer: '' circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'JOE_co_uk' circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'Rodion Drozdov' circa: 2016

Reorderer: (Lucien Hughes) circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'FrankJavCee' circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'Viner Spicster' circa: 2015

Reorderer: 'The Poke' circa: 2014

Reorderer: 'Heather Palmer' circa: 2011