This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The rule-set video remix subcategory describes clips, which have been created through the use of an organising rule-set. Supercuts, where repeating actions/dialogue etc. have been stacked together (often in alphanumeric list-form) are obvious examples.
Rule-sets are usually produced quite mechanically, where the author might be motivated to turn a film into game (for comedic effect) or perhaps as a critical act, using repeating actions to foreground (and generally distort or parody) those being represented. This is further enabled by the easy replicability and recognisability of the form.
For viewers, interest relates to their sense of being complicit with the author in their awareness of the 'joke'.

Creator: Anonymous [Swede Mason]. (2013). Waiting.

Creator: Karina Ibarra (2013). Side Effects May Include.

Creator: Mark Bolton and Steve Warlin [Cassetteboy]. (2013). Cassetteboy Reviews: All The British Soaps.

Creator: Jonny Wilson [Eclectic Method]. (2012). Bill Murray Remix Song.

Creator: Diran Lyons (2012). George W Bush Jaw Movement Supercut.

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