This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The re-cut video remix subcategory describes films, where the meaning that was originally intended in the clip has been flipped through selective re-editing. This approach is a commonly used for trailer re-cuts, where editors intentionally reverse the expectations of a particular film, often by manipulating genre expectations (as a type of 'genre-play') e.g. transforming a family movie into a horror, an action film into a musical or a period drama into a thriller. For some editors this provides a powerful tool for critiquing aspects of the film form as a constructed means for communicating meaning.

Creator: Anonymous [Opheldering]. (2017). The Trump Boat.

Creator: Anonymous [Cinefix]. (2016). Elf recut as a Thriller.

Creator: Anonymous [Elderscrolls Theater]. (2017). Daedra (Friends Intro Parody).

This is an example of the Friends intro credits meme. The emergence of the reversion is most likely due to both audiences' familiarity with the original television programme as well as the relative flexibility of the video-montage structure for allowing creators to substitute original content.

Creator: Anonymous [Singing Fools Video]. (2017). From Russia With Love Trailer (Trump Remix).

Creator: Huw Parkinson (2016). Kindergarten Cop and the 45th Parliament of Australia.

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