This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The trailer video remix subcategory describes film trailers, where the meaning that was originally intended in the clip has been flipped through selective re-editing. Importantly, because of its relative simplicity the form is able to be replicated and redeployed as a strategy for critiquing power structures that control media marketing and film distribution.

Reorderer: 'Vidsplode' (William Hirsch) circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'Cinefix' circa: 2016

Reorderer: (Huw Parkinson) circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'Vayabobo' circa: 2006

Reorderer: (Robert Ryang) circa: 2005

Reorderer: (Jackie Reem Salloum) circa: 2005