This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The parody video remix subcategory describes clips, which deliberately exaggerate an identifiable idea, person or thing with the intention of producing a comic effect. This is also known as trackjacking, where the meaning of the original clip has been substantially changed through the simple replacement of an audio track.

Creator: Anonymous [anonymous]. (2017). United Airlines Superior Class Seating Book Today.

Creator: Anonymous [JOE_co_uk]. (2017). Theresa May severs ties with the EU on Brexit Day.

Creator: Anonymous [Bad Lip Reading]. (2017). INAUGURATION DAY - A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trumps Inauguration.

Creator: Anonymous [The Late Show]. (2017). Finally, The Muppets Collaborate with Sean Spicer.

Creator: Anonymous [JOE_co_uk]. (2017). Introducing... President Donald J. Trump.

This clip presents a playful critique of US President Donald J. Trump. It does so through reversioning House of Pain's 1992 track 'Jump Around' (with signature Cypress Hill 'squeal' sample) and appropriated footage with crude face replacements of Trump, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage, Melania Trump and Joe Biden (as well as Bill and Hilary Clinton). While the on-screen images depict Trump is various situations, from baseball player to bomb-riding, gun-toting cowboy to fake-news tweeter and Gangnam Style dancer the lyrics provide a satirical narrative that prophesise his supposed inevitable impeachment. (Perkins. S, 2017)

Creator: Anonymous [The Woodcreek Faction]. (2016). Donald Trump: The Muppet Show Mashup.

Creator: Anonymous [Yes its funny]. (2015). Gordon Ramsay's Crispy Pancake Recipe.

Creator: Anonymous [Samurai Pixel Cats]. (2015). Wow a yard sale!.

Creator: Bob Fletcher [Malarkey Park]. (2013). Africa with David Attenborough.

Creator: Anonymous [80gumdrops]. (2011). Kirstie Talks Dirty.

Creator: Anonymous [naughtynigella]. (2011). Naughty Nigella Kitchen.

Creator: Anonymous [dascottjr and Persephone Maewyn]. (2009). Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video Version.

Creator: Anonymous [trentj]. (2009). Cheeto is a Friend of Mine.

Creator: Jonathan McIntosh [The Pop Culture Detective Agency]. (2008). Go Army: Bad Guys.

Creator: Steven Marshall [Guerrilla News Network (GNN)]. (2002). S-11 Redux: Channel Surfing the Apocalypse.

Creator: Charles A. Ridley (1941). Lambeth Walk - Nazi Style.