This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The parody video remix subcategory describes clips, which deliberately exaggerate an identifiable idea, person or thing with the intention of producing a comic effect. This is also known as trackjacking, where the meaning of the original clip has been substantially changed through the simple replacement of an audio track.

Creator: Anonymous [Ray Rod]. (2017). Nicki Minaj shooting star meme.

Creator: TWIT - The Week In Trump (2017). Crappy Days with Trump and Pence!.

Creator: Anonymous [Bad Lip Reading]. (2017). INAUGURATION DAY - A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trumps Inauguration.

Creator: Anonymous []. (2017). Poor Theresa needs your help. Please, do what you can.

Theresa May / The UK Conservative Party parodied in fake charity-ad that positions her as someone in-need who desperately requires help and support after the results of the recent general election. (Perkins. S, 2017)

Creator: Anonymous []. (2017). General Election 2017: The Video Game.

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