This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The songify video remix subcategory describes clips, where a subject is made to sing their presentation or speech through the selective re-editing of existing footage and/or through the use of an autotune filtering effect. In doing so the genre often depends on the subject being manipulated so that they appear to 'play against type' e.g. trivialising something for comic effect that was originally delivered with great earnestness.

Creator: Anonymous [JOE_co_uk]. (2017). Windows XP/The Conservatives: Strong and Stable.

Creator: Anonymous [TrumpSings]. (2017). Trump sings Treat You Better .

Creator: Chris Lohr [placeboing]. (2017). America FIRST - Alex Jones remix.

Creator: Anonymous [Derick Watts & the Sunday Blues]. (2016). Do You Wanna Build A Wall? - Donald Trump (Frozen Parody).

Creator: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan [The Gregory Brothers / Schmoyoho]. (2016). OBAMA MIC DROP: 1999.

Creator: Chris Lohr [placeboing]. (2016). If - Stuttering Obama Remix featuring Trump.

Creator: Anonymous [LuckyTV]. (2016). Time of My Life (Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton).

This songify video remix shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump singing '(I've Had) The Time of My Life' - with Clinton singing Jennifer Warnes' part while Trump sings Bill Medley part. The clip was first published by LuckyTV ( on 10 October 2016. (Perkins. S, 2017)

Creator: Anonymous [cassetteboy]. (2016). Cassetteboy vs Jeremy Hunt.

Creator: Anonymous [Dcenter]. (2016). Panda (Donald Trump Remix).

Creator: Anonymous [cassetteboy]. (2016). Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter.

Creator: Anonymous [subaru チャンネル]. (2014). [高音質] 野々村竜太郎×千本桜 センボンザクラアアアア↑Nono chanmovie.

Creator: John D. Boswell (2013). Steve Irwin Tribute - Wildest Things in the World.

Creator: Steve Porter (2013). DJ Steve Porter - Dallas Remix (Long Version).

Creator: Diran Lyons (2012). 99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix).

Creator: John D. Boswell (2012). Bob Ross Remixed: Happy Little Clouds.

Creator: Anonymous [The Poke]. (2012). The Nick Clegg Apology Song: I'm Sorry (The Autotune Remix).

Creator: David Wefers and Andreas Blinten (2012). Angela Merkel Autotune Remix.

Creator: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan [The Gregory Brothers / Schmoyoho]. (2011). Winning - a Song by Charlie Sheen.

Creator: Johan Söderberg (2008). Read My Lips Speziale.

Creator: Anonymous [DJ RX]. (2008). Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Creator: Johan Söderberg (2002). Read My Lips: Bush and Blair.

Creator: Anonymous [Emergency Broadcast Network]. (1992). Commercial Entertainment Product.