This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The songify video remix subcategory describes clips, where a subject is made to sing their presentation or speech through the selective re-editing of existing footage and/or through the use of an autotune filtering effect. In doing so the genre often depends on the subject being manipulated so that they appear to 'play against type' e.g. trivialising something for comic effect that was originally delivered with great earnestness.

Creator: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan [The Gregory Brothers / Schmoyoho]. (2017). Trump vs. Macron - Songify the News 15.

Creator: Anonymous [cassetteboy]. (2017). Cassetteboy vs Theresa May.

Creator: Keeley Ray (2017). THERESA MAY - FIELDS OF WHEAT REMIX.

Creator: Jonny Wilson [Eclectic Method]. (2017). Theresa May Remix: Strong and Stable.

Creator: Anonymous [PartyInBackyard]. (2017). Bigger Better Stronger - Donald Trump Remix.

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