This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The re-order video remix subcategory describes clips, which have been produced through the overt re-sequencing or removal (omission) of sequences within a given clip so as to foreground a particular issue. In Internet parlance this subcategory is also commonly referred to as YouTube Poop (YTP).

Creator: Anonymous [The Citizen Brain]. (2017). Donald Trump Knows The Best Nazis.

Creator: Anonymous [The Citizen Brain]. (2017). The Mediocre Dictator.

Creator: Anonymous [Super Deluxe]. (2017). President Trump's offer for the American people.

Creator: Anonymous [Antischwagger Tv]. (2017). Pauline Hanson Remix - Criticism is not Racism.

Creator: Anonymous [The Remembrancer]. (2017). Prime Minister Maybot Malfunctions during it's acceptance speech.

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