This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The re-order video remix subcategory describes clips, which have been produced through the overt re-sequencing or removal (omission) of sequences within a given clip so as to foreground a particular issue. In Internet parlance this subcategory is also commonly referred to as YouTube Poop (YTP).

Creator: Anonymous [The Remembrancer]. (2017). Prime Minister Maybot Malfunctions during it's acceptance speech.

Creator: Anonymous [Antischwagger Tv]. (2017). Pauline Hanson Remix - Criticism is not Racism.

Creator: Anonymous [The Independent]. (2017). Theresa May destroyed over dementia tax.

Creator: Anonymous [Dawn Dreamer]. (2017). Trump Memes the Military.

Creator: Anonymous [Peace & Cut]. (2016). Lancôme: La vie est belle.

This clip cleverly subverts the consumerist message of Lancôme's La Vie Este Belle TV commercial ( It does so through extending the ads existing message of liberation, where Paris party-goer Julia Roberts is shown to 'break the chains' of convention that bind her, choosing the reality of the city of Paris at night instead of the spectacle of a glamorous party. While the ad reaches its dénouement with the affirmation of anti-convention, shown to be symbolised by Lancôme's new fragrance, this détournement cut-up continues through appropriating a similar sentiment in Roberts' 2010 feature film Eat Pray Love, where through selective editing, Roberts is shown to choose the much simpler pleasures of cycling alone through a rural countryside, meditation and ultimately the sense of belonging and community engagement. This subverted message is further reinforced through intercutting between the two sequences, where shots of Roberts in the Lancôme commercial appear to show her reflecting positively on her Eat Pray Love experiences. The continuity of camera movement and music soundtrack is also used, where rotating crane shots in one clip appear to continue into the other, matched with an extended version of Venus' 2003 song 'Beautiful Days' where both work to create a sense of a coherent and plausible story space.

The clip is an example of a form called 'détournement publicitaire' (advertising hijacking), where its author has intentionally sought to critique ideas (meanings and values), which are present in the appropriated source media. In this case, they have presented a critique of the consumer spectacle that is projected by Lancôme, where human values such as freedom and happiness are shown to be intrinsic, and thereby only accessible through the act of (conspicuous) consumption. (Perkins. S, 2017)
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