This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The reaction video remix subcategory describes clips where through the use of intercutting an individual or group appear to react to a subject, which could be a person or a thing.

Creator: Pascal Toussaint [Le Studio Des Gâtines]. (2014). Retournés.

Melodramatic B-movie reaction-shots cut to the driving rhythm of Robert Wyatt's "To Mark Everywhere" in Le Studio Des Gâtines' Retournés.

Creator: Anonymous [Natholdet - TV 2]. (2014). Star Wars AT-AT Attacks Skiers at The Sochi Winter Olympics.

Creator: Anonymous [Twisted Genre]. (2014). Taylor Swift Attacked at Grammys.

Creator: Anonymous [I Am The Walrus Guy]. (2013). LUNCHABLES Commercial.

This is an example of détournement publicitaire (advertising hijack) - where the cut-up producer has repurposed an existing television commercial to communicate an alternative message to that originally intended.

Creator: Anonymous [Super Massive Raver]. (2012). The Apprentice vs The Voice: Lord Sugar fires the judges.

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