This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The reaction video remix subcategory describes clips where through the use of intercutting an individual or group appear to react to a subject, which could be a person or a thing.

Reorderer: 'Yes its funny' circa: 2016

Reorderer: 'Euphemism for Magic' circa: 2016

Reorderer: (Javier Morales and John Michael Boling) circa: 2006

Reorderer: (Jonathan McIntosh) circa: 2003

Reorderer: (Edo Wilkins) circa: 2002

This is a political remix video (PRV) created by Edo Wilkins that inter-cuts shots of George W. Bush delivering his 2002 State of the Union address with reactions from prominent Congress members in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Importantly the clip intentionally presents Bush's statements out of context so that he appears to be advocating a number of politically unsound and overtly undemocratic ideas. His audience are also made to appear complicit through their applause and multiple standing ovations. (Perkins. S, 2017)

Reorderer: (Simon Perkins) circa: 1995

The 1995 reaction film "Wranglers", which is designed as a critique of film Westerns and their implied homoerotic subtexts is another example of the video remix sub-genre. The clip re-purposes a scene from Fritz Lang's 1952 film "Rancho Notorious" where the character Altar Keane (played by Marlene Dietrich) is shown surrounded by a group of admiring outlaws. In the re-edited version Dietrich has been removed so that the cowboys appear to be focusing their gaze on the film's protagonist Vern Haskell (played by Arthur Kennedy) thereby transforming the intent of the scene from one focused on heterosexual desire to one focused on homosexual desire. Because of its reaction structure, Haskell appears to be caught in a standoff, unwillingly pinned within the frame and locked within an escalating series of (sexually implied) confrontational exchanges. (Perkins. S, 2017)