This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The illustration video remix subcategory describes clips, which use appropriated footage as a visual accompaniment to a primarily audio message.

Music videos are the most obvious example here where the music track takes centre stage, supported by imagery that illustrates or that fulfils a metaphorical function in terms of interpreting and translating ideas, which are present in the music.

Creator: Anonymous [Master Brew]. (2017). The British Lion.

This cut-up represents an effort to do what sociologist Basil Bernstein understands as 'retrospective identities', where the author - Master Brew - draws on nostalgia about Britain's past as a way of coping with contemporary challenges (which presumably they feel threatened by). Scarily, it's clear from reading some of the comments on YouTube that they are not alone in this. As for the disclaimer that the clip is a 'work of art and has no political connotations whatsoever' - yeah, sure (you'd have to be pretty simple to believe that).
According to Basil Bernstein: retrospective "identities use as resources narratives of the past which provide exemplars, criteria, belonging and . ... This provides for an unambiguous, stable, intellectually impervious, collective identity. This consumes the self in all its manifestations and gives it a site outside of current and future instabilities, beyond current ambiguities of judgement, relation and conduct" (2000, p.74).
Bernstein, Basil. (2000). 'Pedagogy Symbolic Control and Identity, Theory Research Critique'. Oxford, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. [] (Perkins. S, 2018)

Creator: Vic Berger [Super Deluxe]. (2017). Ivanka Trump as a Lana Del Rey Song.

Creator: Anonymous [Operatico Politico]. (2017). Real Fake News - Opera vs. Brexit (Puccini Edition).

Creator: Anonymous [You Kipper]. (2017). I'm an Englishman.

This clip presents an emotionally stirring soundtrack illustrated by found footage that seeks to appeal to nationalistic and nostalgic sentiments around English nationhood and entitlement. The clip restates traditional working-class narratives around disenfranchisement and a perceived sense of cultural marginalisation resulting from the consequences of globalisation. In doing so the clip quite simplistically attributes blame for our contemporary circumstances to those in power and seeks to scapegoat non-white (and presumably non-Christian) UK residents. In short, the clip is a work of racist propaganda, which attempts to galvanise its audience through emotional appeals to popularist notions of national identity. (Perkins. S, 2017)

Creator: Anonymous []. (2017). Happy 4th July to Donald Trump. On Independence Day, do you want fries with that shake?.

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